Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sharing the love

Zoya polish in the color Faye
Anyone that knows me well, knows that I am kind of a huge fan of nail polish.  For lengthy reasons I will save for another time, I spent my childhood and a large chunk of my teen years banned from wearing polish.

Yet when I was small, I dreamed of wearing it.  My aunt was an aspiring actress who worked in local theater and was always going out on auditions.

She was gorgeous.  She bleached her hair this beautiful blond, and she looked like a grown-up Barbie doll to me.  She was thin enough and curvy, and had this great stash of nail polish lined up in the bathroom.  She was Marilyn Monroe without the crappy personal life.

I would love to watch her do her nails or her other makeup, borrow some of her clear and gooey clear lip gloss that tasted like candy cane, and flop on her gigantic canopy bed with the pretty green and white bedspread.

Once I became older and nail polish was no longer banned, I rekindled my suppressed affection for brightly colored fingers and toes.

Zoya Marina--aka the color on my toes
Then a couple years ago, I started having allergies to all kinds of chemicals.  I had asthma issues and all kinds of allergies.  The worst was discovering that I apparently had an allergy to formaldehyde in nail polish.  This was quite a shock considering that for the most part I had been led to believe that the majority of my polishes were free of formaldehyde.  Despite labeling that said 3 Free, and one of those is supposed to be formaldehyde, I discovered that some had been able to claim to be free of formaldehyde and then sneak it into a resin and still use it.  For months I had been suffering off and on with really strange eye allergies that made me look like I had a shiner. But thanks to an article my mother read, I found out that I likely had an allergy to polish with formaldehyde.  Sure enough, I tossed the majority of my polishes, and my eye problem disappeared.

The only ones that stayed were ones that had no formaldehyde resin.  Luckily, I had already happened upon this brand of polish called Zoya which was already a 4-free polish and had no formaldehyde or formaldehyde resin.  They pride themselves on making a cleaner product, not test it on animals, and make it vegan.

And the formulas are generally considerably better and only a few bucks more than the better drugstore polishes without the risk of dealing with hidden formaldehyde.

Ever since I discovered them, I am often complemented on my color and often get asked what brand it is and I gladly tell them Zoya.

This year, they began a "Share the Love" campaign, where I get points for those who create an account and purchase something.  And as a bonus when you sign up you also get $5 off your order.  Sweet deal, yes?

I certainly think so.

So to share the love with my readers I'm providing you with a link where you can sign up, cash in on some booty, and get yourself something cool for the holidays. They have some cremes, some gels, and some glittery polishes.  I especially like the microglitter, because it's embedded in the polish and makes it sparkly without getting glitter all over the place causing you to pick glitter out of your nose hairs and off your check and earlobe for the next 6 months.

They just came out with the new holiday collection that ships October 15th, so feel free to check it out.


So, if you're interested join me and get yourself a little something nice and we'll both benefit. Sound good?

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