Saturday, October 20, 2012

My Chemical Romance

In about 2007, my brother and I were in our apartment when the apartment next door caught on fire.  While all of our neighbors were evacuated, we were not, and ended up trapped in our apartment for a while as smoke billowed in from around the doors.  It was a crazy time for both of us.

I personally don't believe it is a coincidence that after that point I had more allergies, developed bronchitis several times, and became mildly asthmatic.

After that time, I also become increasingly sensitive to chemicals and fragrances, which became an exhausting exercise in trying to remain on top of my sensitivities.  So I cut many fragrances and chemicals out of my life.

I started wearing less makeup, had to ask the family to stop using all Glade air fresheners (totally allergic), and even periodically have problems with fragrances in shampoo.

 I also read No More Dirty Looks a couple years ago, which exposed the vast amount of trace chemicals present in beauty products.  It was enlightening and disturbing.  Sort of like the Food, Inc of the cosmetic world.

After that point I also ended up cutting out hairspray from my life for almost a full year.  I mean none. I couldn't find one that didn't give me issues so I just avoided them all.

Fast forward to today.

I had a small, fancy lunch soiree I wanted to attend, and along with the dress and clothing I knew I needed makeup.  L'oreal finally came out with a mascara that will stay on my face longer than 15 minutes without making me look like I've gotten into a fistfight. I already had other makeup from a prior shindig.  So I gave in and got a long-lasting lipstick and my first hairspray in oh-so-many months.

I have a confession to make--I really like the hairspray.  It creates an even texture, my hair bounces and flows without frizz.  I love it. Not only that, but I gave in and bought a breakage fighting shampoo that just came out.  And it all makes my hair look and feel awesome.

I know, I know.  And trust me.  I've tried all sorts of natural hair care products, and frankly I can't stand the smell of vinegar long enough to be one of those vinegar rinse people.

And the lipstick.  I wasn't super keen on it lasting all day, BUT I also knew I was in fancy land and reapplying lipstick all through lunch wasn't and option.  This stuff was amazing too.  It stayed on all day long.  I would just occasionally reapply a topcoat/balm.  It was great!

So for all of those completely organic people out there who have the cleanest products AND the nicest hair and makeup, I salute you.  Or if you're a showoff, you don't need makeup. I salute you as well.
I'm sorry, but I can't give up all my chemicals.  Some of them I really love.  I promise I still alternate between cleaner products, don't plan on doing the makeup thing every day, and will also promise to not use the hairspray on a daily basis.

I just can't help myself.  I really do like my stuff.  I will just do it a little more mindfully and with more moderation.

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