Monday, October 8, 2012

Customer Service

Some of you know that I have a small side business selling used books and CDs on Amazon.  For the most part, it has become a wonderful part of my daily routine to check emails, find out that something else of mine sold, and that not only am I getting a couple bucks but also I know that my item is on its way to bless some other home.

Most of the time it is a fun and comforting thing.

Then on occasion you find a few people where doing business is far less pleasant.

As a new entrepreneur, I am just now learning that statistically speaking, there are difficult people in the world that will have to be dealt with in as calm and loving a manner as possible.  This actually has created a bonding experience between me and my dad in the realm of customer service.

While regaling him with my tale of annoyance, we were both reminded of his days in retail.  One of the most notorious stories of his was while working in vacuum cleaners.  A woman had come in and bought a vacuum cleaner.  A few later, her husband returned with the vacuum and ripped my dad a new one about what an awful product they had made.

He then proceeded to take the new vacuum cleaner and slam it into the tile floor of the Sears store, right in front of him, and then he huffed out.

When my father went to examine the wreckage, the problem was abundantly clear.  The woman had obviously been using the vacuum cleaner but hadn't once emptied the bag.  The vacuum cleaner was full, so of course it wouldn't work anymore!

The great part is that my dad didn't lose his composure and handled these things with grace.

Truly I think this is the mark of any true professional, is when you have firmness and confidence enough in yourself to let others vent without that negativity sink in.

I believe the likelihood of business and relationships increasing grows exponentially when we learn to take things in stride.  To look at life positively, and not allow negativity to weigh us down.  The world is a much better place, even when others storm around us.

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  1. Ah yes, customer service. I know it all too well. But that story of your dad's is hilarious. Seriously, I hope those people didn't decide to breed. There's a story about a guy (and I'm not saying what restaurant this is that I worked for) but he sat outside on the patio and then wanted us to make a completely new sandwich because a fly landed on it.'re sitting outside!