Friday, October 5, 2012

Fitted Sheet Ninja

Just this morning, I was reminded once again of how much my life has changed since I learned the secret of folding a fitted sheet.

The biggest problem I have had is that my mother is a fitted sheet ninja. Much like her mad sewing and cooking skills and amazing handwriting I would try my very best but fall short.  I would always follow the directions to the letter, and felt like Martha Stewart while doing it.

I would always expect my sheets to look exactly like the above demonstration.  Nevermind the fact that the photoshoot likely had someone on hand with an iron every 3 minutes. Regardless, Mom's sheets always looked like this to me.

Yet despite my years of practice and concentration, my fitted sheets always look like these on the right:

My poor sad sack sheets have long lived in shame in my cupboards, unable to ever be counted among the beautiful.

However, a number of years ago my good friend Nathalie was kind enough to share her secret.  She would go ahead and fold her sheets as best they could be, and then stick them inside their matching pillowcase.  This goes for the top sheet and spare pillowcase as well.  Then one can neatly place the beautiful "pillows" on the shelf, and they can stack nicely.

As I took out my rumpled mass of fitted sheet I had to smile.  My sheets will always be a little wrinkled, but they look great on my shelf.  All thanks to a good rescue from a friend.


  1. Hahahaha that's great, will do that. I'm hopeless at folding, but my daughter has just taken over. Let's me off the hook!

  2. That's an interesting solution. What I always did with mine is put them in an under-the-bed storage container so it never mattered whether it looked good on the shelf or not. I do a pretty good job at folding the fitted sheet. However, I'd do a better job if I had a table or something big enough to lay it out on so that I could get it just right. Usually they come out a bit crumpled but I set the top sheet on top of it and then no one really knows.

    And I totally know what it's like to grow up under an overachieving mother...I should totally blog about that.

  3. Yeah, I think you do have even more to blog about in that regard than I do. Mine was the combo of fabulous mother and undervaluing my own skills. And I always wanted to do things perfect on the first try and all by myself. Even though it took her years of practice to get really good at her skills, I still somehow would think that she just magically got awesome on the first try.