Monday, July 30, 2012

*Shrug* You Win Some, You Lose Some

For the second time (or is it third now?) I ended up having fate intervene and prevent me from finishing the Ultimate Blog Challenge in 31 days.

Some sort of flu-like inflammation managed to hit me last week around this time. By the time that night rolled around I was barely able to walk and unable to sleep even with painkillers.

By morning, I was running a low grade fever and unable to move.

I still have no idea that nasty bug that made its way through my system.  All I know is that it flattened me for a few days and taught me what it's like to be unable to walk more than a very painful, hobbling few feet to the bathroom.

It took me a few days of bed rest, sleeping, and generally being miserable to start feeling human again.

While I still have lingering soreness in my low back and hip, and no fever, I am much improved.  I can for the most part move around and feel more like I overexerted a little than anything else.

However, unable to complete the Ultimate Blog Challenge.  Oh, well!

However, it has shown me the blessedness of having family close by to help me get around, bring me things when I can't move, and generally take care of me when I'm ailing.

As always the blog challenge has introduced me to new blogs and new folks to follow and learn from.
In the end, I think that's what matters most anyway.


  1. Glad you are feeling better. But, you are correct: having loved ones to care for you is the very most important thing. And in terms of the challenge, an expanded awareness is, I think, the best that any of us could hope to achieve. Keep taking care of yourself.

  2. Yeah, I think the what-you-get-out-of-it is more important than the actual 31-posts-in-31-days thing. Last time I did the challenge I actually got all the 31 posts, and it was rewarding, but I got a lot more out of it this time, even though I'll be a couple of posts shy of 31. I've managed to get more involved in the community this time, which has made a big difference, and I think I've grown even more as a writer this time.

    Sorry you haven't been feeling well; glad you're feeling better now. And glad there are great people around to help take care of you. :)