Saturday, July 21, 2012

I owe it to my readers

While I did have another blog not terribly long ago, this particular blog is quite new and had few readers.  Little did I know that I was making enough of an impact to actually win an award already.  Such things are always a wonderful surprise.  Thanks to the lovely and darling Danielle Cloakey at CloakeyNotes I am the proud recipient of a Fabulous Blog Ribbon.

But, with great awards come great responsibility, so I give you the litany of answers to burning questions that I know are on your mind.  Gosh, I don't know how I'm supposed to narrow my most fabulous moments down to five?!!


1.  Receiving my Master of Arts in English Literature last September.  Despite the down economy and various crazy things that have popped up in my life, I can honestly say I am most delighted to say I have an M.A.  And that I finally finished my thesis.  It may still be packed in a box, but by golly it is a delight to see my work in print even if it grows furry dust sitting on a university library shelf.

2. Meeting my closest friends.  I could go through and enumerate the circumstances for each, but that would turn this blog into a novel or at the very least a novella.  Let's just say, my friends are freakishly fabulous.  My love for them abounds.  If they knew, really knew, how much I loved them it might creep them out.  So I'll just give a hug or, if they prefer, a head nod and 'Ssuuup?' or perhaps a fistbump. 

3. Going to Hawaii--Yeah, I wasn't ever wealthy by any means, but my local church group held a plethora of bake sales and garage sales and sent our tiny youth group to Hawaii on a shoestring budget. It was awesome!!  The sights were mindblowing, the food was wonderful, and I had the best pineapple of my natural life while sailing on a catamaran.  Also got one of the worst sunburns of my life, but who really cared?? It was so worth it. I even got visit a beach that was wiped out several years later and doesn't exist anymore.  There's nothing quite as shocking as looking at the lava-melted sign of the burger stand where you got a bite to eat being featured on a National Geographic special.

4. Seeing the Phantom of the Opera in Toronto--The theater was amazing and definitely better production values than the touring stage production.  Everything was decorated permanently for the long run of the play, and I was there with my friend that became my first love.  It was as if awesome was on steroids.  The passion and emotion of the play, and the passion and emotion of feeling truly, madly, deeply, loved.

5. Being there when my brother was born.  I was only 7 1/2 years old, but I got to be in the room when my brother entered the world.  I have loved him to pieces ever since.  


1.  Movies--I love old movies and new movies.  I just stay away from pure romantic movies. If there's a time traveling mailbox or its an adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks novel, I'm out.

2. Food-- Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory, and a glass of Merlot.  (Totally worth the Lactaid.)  And of course, sipping Mimosas on Stearns Wharf in Santa Barbara.  That is the symphonic convergence of ambiance and beverage.

3.  Being Creative--Being one of those people who is easily bored, I often look for more creative and different ways to do things.  I love art and I love writing so anything that broadens my mind and my art is fantastic.

4. Music--I love listening to it and singing.  I have such a prohibitively long list of favorites, I could almost create my own version of Pandora just from my personal music library.

5. Books--Old books are heavenly, and new books are grand.  I love reading as much as I love writing.


1.  Inconsiderate drivers--A growing population of people who don't realize they are driving a killing machine and drive recklessly, talk on their cell phones while driving and making turns one-handed, texting, and otherwise not taking into account the other people around them.  We've made vehicles so comfortable that they forget that it is heavy machinery.

2.  People who talk on their cell phones in the public restroom--Not only is it a little gross if you are using a phone while answering nature's call, but if you decided to make the restroom a hangout to spend an hour doing your makeup and gabbing, I feel like I'm having to interrupt your conversation to do my business which is just icky.  And generally if I run into said person I get an eye roll as if they own the restroom.  I hate that.

3. Texting the whole time you are out with friends. If I go out with friends I want to be with friends.  Why go out with one person if the whole time you really obviously want to be out with someone else? You spend much more time textually conversing with someone else rather than actually conversing with the flesh-and-blood human in front of you, so either go out with them or invite them along with us.  Don't leave me sitting and playing Angry Birds.  We can all do that at home alone.

4. Anything related to the Kardashians or Jersey Shore. It irks me that they get paid to be idiots and that we as a culture have decided that it's fun to watch people being idiots in real life.  

5. Getting slimy stuff on my hands.  There is a commercial for Kohler faucets that gives me the willies because of all the junk on peoples hands.  Really.  Anything too gooey or sticky and I'm putting on gloves.  

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  1. Oh oh oh! the Kar-trash-ians are definitely on my list too... in the reality TV one. LOL. I loved this post!