Monday, July 9, 2012

I am Sara of Borg.

One of my favorite sci-fi enemies of all time is the Borg.  Not only were they a menace, threatening to exterminate individuality and gobble up everything in one biomechanical mass, the makeup just looked cool and made for one of the best storylines of the entire Star Trek TNG.

While I loved to despise them, there was one aspect that I totally admired: their ability to adapt.

Invariably our heroes would be going up against them with formidable weapons but within a few moments would adapt and the weapons would be useless.

This is quality I admire most.  They were horrible, evil villains, but they could adapt easily.

When we are faced with obstacles and incredible odds, it's our ability to adapt that can help us through.

Oh, that I may be, in that sense, more of a borg.

That and becoming completely irresistable. ;)

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