Tuesday, July 31, 2012

BuckyBalls, the odds are in your favor

I have heard lately of ridiculous overreaching by government entities whose purpose seems to be to take some people down just because they need a justification for their department's existence.  In the depths of a recession, I can somewhat understand that part of self preservation that wants to preserve your job at all costs.

But my question is whether the Consumer Products and Safety Commission is really in jeopardy or are they really just on some sort of magnetic witch-hunt?  

I ask this because the CPSC has decided to go after BuckyBalls trying to shut down their entire operation because out of 2.2 million units sold since 2009, 20 cases have been reported of children ingesting them.  This happens despite the fact that BuckyBalls are marketed as a stress relief office "toy" for ages 14 and over and warning against swallowing them is plastered in 5 different places.  You can't miss it.

But apparently, because a handful of people don't pay attention to clearly posted warning labels it's not their fault for having completely ignored the warning labels, or didn't keep an eye on their children who then proceed to locate the BuckyBalls and think they would make a tasty treat.  

Since we can no longer be held accountable despite the warnings, everything that may cause accidental death should be removed as well, right?

Forget the 20 out of 2.2 million statistic.  Let's get rid of the top 5 causes of childhood accidental death.

5) Poisons-- Let's get rid of every single toxic substance in our homes.  Let's get rid of all the cleaners, all the car related chemicals in the garage.  Everything.  We'll save 45,000 children per year.  Somehow I don't think our chemical companies will be terribly impressed by this move, but we'll probably all be healthier.

4) Falls--Forget high rises and all multi-level houses.  We need to level all of them and make them single level, just in case.  No allowing them to ride bikes or scooters or skateboards or climb trees.  We'll save 47,000 children per year.  Wow.

3) Burns--Eliminate all matches and lighters.  No more barbecues or fireplaces. No more gas water-heaters. We'll microwave everything but only to safe and tepid temperatures.  That way no one will ever get burned again.  We'll save 96,000 per year.

2) Drowning--We'll require mandatory swim lessons for every child and no more personal backyard pools will be allowed without a hired lifeguard.  We'll save 175,000 children annually.

1) Cars--Let's go back to horses and buggies.  Or, actually those are dangerous too. Let's just walk everywhere.  There are an estimated 260,000 childhood deaths because of car accidents every year and  10 million injuries, all preventable by just not using vehicles anymore.

I'm sorry, but we have to be able as a society to allow people to be stupid, make mistakes, and pay a price.  It's the cost of being human and it shouldn't be any other way. 

Government has no business wrapping us in bubble wrap.

So I'm participating in supporting BuckyBalls.  They are fighting the CPSC, and we can help!  

Join me in Saving Their Balls!

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Join me in supporting free enterprise and fun office toy magnets!

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  1. I agree 100%. Common sense would dictate that if you have small children (or pets prone to eating anything!) that you either not buy them or keep them up in a safe place out of reach. But instead, because of the apparent lack of common sense of approximately 20 people the government now feels the need to step in and babysit ?? *shaking my head* Seriously. That's just pathetic. :-(