Thursday, June 20, 2013

It'll be done when it's done

Since no one has heard from me since January, it occurs to me that I have abandoned a crucial and wonderful aspect of my life.  That being this blog.

It isn't as though my roads to *ahem* weren't paved with very good intentions.  But to make this up to you, in a television show style, I shall recap now what has been happening with life and career of Sara Dean, your creative and adorable artist/writer/single gal.

1. I became Layout Editor.

My best friend put together a documentary film about intimate partner violence, and snagged yours truly as layout editor.  In case you are unfamiliar with book processes, like everything else creative,it gets finished when it gets finished.  We are so close now we can taste it.  But it took a few months of collaborating with a whole bunch of people to try and get everything just so with a severe lack of resources.

However, yours truly is also a contributing artist and my work will be featured therein.  Woo-hoo!!

2.  I'm moving to Northern California.  This fact in and of itself has its own crazy stories involved.

 In the process we have had people stand us up for appointments, encountered some really crazy drivers, eaten some tasty food.

More importantly, we discovered that someone really needs to tell the people involved in the rental markets that you can't make a three bedroom place into a six bedroom place and make it comfortable.  People generally don't want to pay that much money for a prison cell no matter how close it is to work and/or university.

So much like the Layout Editor project, there is a timing in the universe.  Want something done quickly? No matter how hard you try, sometimes you just have to accept that it will happen when it happens.  Until then, you muddle through and take each day as it comes.

Pretty sound advice for every aspect of life, don't you think?

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  1. thanks for posting this. it's good. things I need to remember too